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If a company is trying to sell a product or service, it makes sense that they would want the purchase process to be easy. I’m not talking about just having the right product at a fair price. I’m talking about ensuring that as customers check out, they don’t have any problems, aren’t asked too many questions and can seamlessly make the purchase.

This goes for both a bricks and mortar store or a Web retailer. There are many ways it can be made difficult. Take my experience last week in helping someone to buy a United Airlines ticket from Cincinnati to the Bay Area of California.



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UnitedYou may remember earlier this summer, I wrote a blog post about United Airlines, and their handling of a situation involving damaged luggage. The post focused on the initial and subsequent responses by the airline, and how their response moved in the right direction after the passenger posted a YouTube video.

The story goes like this: musician Dave Carroll was going on tour with his band, Sons of Maxwell. As he settled onto his connecting United flight, he watched as baggage handlers threw luggage on the tarmac, including his customized Taylor guitar, which was damaged. United didn’t initially provide compensation (Carroll waited too long to report the issue), and so he pledged to write a series of three songs and videos about the affair.

The first one, “United Breaks Guitars,” now has over 5 million hits on YouTube. A few days after posting the video, the airline called him to offer compensation. But Carroll was no longer interested, asking the airline instead to donate it to charity. And that’s what they did – giving $3000 on his behalf to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

Now that the issue seems to be resolved, he produced video number two. (more…)

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By now, many of you have now seen the latest YouTube video sensation – United Breaks Guitars. For those who haven’t, the basic story is this: Dave Carroll, a musician, was traveling with his band, Sons of Maxwell, from their home in Halifax, Nova Scotia to Omaha, Nebraska for a tour. After getting seated on a connecting flight in Chicago, the woman sitting behind band members looked outside and noted that “they’re throwing guitars out there.” The rest of the story is predicable – Dave’s guitar is damaged, and after a year of trying, Dave still wasn’t able to get compensation from United. In the meantime, he spent $1200 to repair the guitar.

But Dave has different ammunition than most of us. As a singer and songwriter, he could write music about it. Enter United Breaks Guitars – which is the first of three songs the band plans to release about the incident. (more…)

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You almost need to be a mathematician to calculate the true cost of an airline ticket these days. Are taxes included upfront? Is there going to be an additional booking fee added? And just what are fees like those for checking bags and buying a snack on board going to cost?

TripAdvisor, perhaps best known for reviews of hotels, is taking the guesswork out of fee calculation with its new flight search tool. At first glance, it works like other metasearch travel sites such as Kayak or FareCompare. These tools search several sites to find the best fare, and allow for customization by departure or arrival time, number of stops or airline. But TripAdvisor differentiates itself by going one step further, with the inclusion of a fee calculator that can be integrated with the pricing results. What a concept, and a win for customers who just want to know what the total cost of their trip will be. (more…)

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