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If a company is trying to sell a product or service, it makes sense that they would want the purchase process to be easy. I’m not talking about just having the right product at a fair price. I’m talking about ensuring that as customers check out, they don’t have any problems, aren’t asked too many questions and can seamlessly make the purchase.

This goes for both a bricks and mortar store or a Web retailer. There are many ways it can be made difficult. Take my experience last week in helping someone to buy a United Airlines ticket from Cincinnati to the Bay Area of California.



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Some companies are much better than others at meeting the needs of customers. This can be a big differentiator – organizations that focus on their customers better will thrive. You can attract a customer once with a low price. But if that product or service doesn’t meet expectations, isn’t supported, or disappoints in any way, customers can, and will, move to a competitor faster than the amount of time they’re on hold waiting for a customer support representative.

customer serviceConsumers will vote with their wallets – and they are certainly willing to vote a company out of business.

This being a customer-focused marketing blog, I wanted to provide a list of companies that are great at focusing on the customer and the experience they have. As a result, these organizations tend to build a loyal customer base – the kind that will increase purchases with time, and that will generate long-term profits. (more…)

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