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I'm a communicator - I love writing and telling a story. Which is why I've always loved working in PR, marketing and corporate communications. Recently, I've been focused on the internal side - I think its pretty exciting to help inform, and more importantly, engage, employees, who can then help customers or clients. I've always had a desire to see the world, and I love traveling. I certainly haven't been close to everywhere, but think I've seen a fair bit of the world. One thing I didn't think I'd end up doing was being an expat here in Mumbai. With my wife taking on an assignment here, its given me an opportunity to see a new place, and really experience a different culture. I'm trying to make the most of it, and tell the stories that I'm experiencing. The great, the good, and, well...the unusual. Come follow my stories. After all, telling a story isn't much fun if there isn't anyone to read it.

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