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Some companies are much better than others at meeting the needs of customers. This can be a big differentiator – organizations that focus on their customers better will thrive. You can attract a customer once with a low price. But if that product or service doesn’t meet expectations, isn’t supported, or disappoints in any way, customers can, and will, move to a competitor faster than the amount of time they’re on hold waiting for a customer support representative.

customer serviceConsumers will vote with their wallets – and they are certainly willing to vote a company out of business.

This being a customer-focused marketing blog, I wanted to provide a list of companies that are great at focusing on the customer and the experience they have. As a result, these organizations tend to build a loyal customer base – the kind that will increase purchases with time, and that will generate long-term profits. (more…)


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Did you ever wish you could go away on a trip somewhere, but not have a specific destination in mind? Perhaps you want to go to Asia, but you’re not sure exactly where. Or you want to go to somewhere to party for the weekend, but are unsure of the best place that meets your budget. Student Universe has unveiled a beta site that allows students with more flexibility to easily find these kind of trips. And where a budget can more easily be used as a criteria, instead of just the final destination.

FarePlay BetaThe site, called FarePlay, allows students to book flights based on region or theme. It works like this: users select the airport they want to leave from, whether they want to book to a region or by theme and then the specific region or theme. Finally, users choose a date range by month or upcoming weekend. (more…)

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With Facebook’s popularity today, most of us forget that it originated in 2004 as a small site designed to allow Harvard students to get to know each other before coming to campus for the first time. Since then, Facebook has steadily grown to its current size, with over 200 million active users.

Of course, as it grew, Facebook needed to add features to stay relevant, attract users and increase the amount of time they spend on the site. Some changes have annoyed users – think of the two major user page redesigns and the unannounced change in privacy terms that caused an uproar. However, Facebook seems to be constantly changing features to make the site more user-friendly.

It’s a tough challenge, because with any site, as more options become available, it is only natural that some things are harder to accomplish. With so many settings options, for example, some users have rightfully complained that changing privacy options has become ever more difficult to do. (more…)

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Employee training can help ensure a company is run as efficiently as possible. When done right, it can have a large impact on the results of many situations. It is particularly important to train those employees that are customer facing. They are the direct link to the customer, and have a large influence on brand perception. They can solve the customer’s problems and provide the information they need.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize this, and I have a perfect example. Yesterday morning, my friend, let’s again call her Lara, was booked on a Delta flight at 9:00am. At about 6:00am, as she was waking up, she received an automated call noting a change to the flight, but was hung up on before the specific information was given. She was concerned, but figured the dropped call was an anomaly, so called the airline back. (more…)

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